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If you’re looking for a true tropical vacation and have time for a little adventure away from the mainland, don’t miss a chance to take a cruise to Bounty Island. This small island of Fiji is a real little piece of paradise that will mesmerize you with its pristine beaches, lush greenery, tasty drinks and fun diving spots! Let’s explore Fiji and Bounty Island!


Bounty Island is a coral island and a true picture of Fiji: it is covered with untouched greenery, forests and tropical gardens that are surrounded with white beaches and turquoise waters. While the island is still small (it takes only about half an hour to circle it on foot) it’s bigger than its neighboring islands. However, this doesn’t mean Bounty is anything less than a tiny piece of heaven perfect for peace lovers and those fascinated by tropical nature.


It’s no surprise that Bounty Island is blessed with amazing beaches—all Fiji islands are! There are both beautiful sandy beaches and more exposed, rocky ones for you to enjoy. Also, if you need a bit of peace and quiet to recuperate and unwind, Bounty Island is a perfect place for you. You’ll easily find a secluded spot to chill out and enjoy the sun and the beach in peace! The whole island is very low-key and casual, without any crowds or artificial noise. The waves and the birds are all you can hear!


If you’re a marine world lover, don’t miss a chance to dive underneath the surface of Bounty Island. So, make sure to bring your snorkeling gear with you while you’re planning your Fiji adventure. It’s really easy to get to Bounty by various Sydney cruises that make a stop at Port Denarau, so don’t worry about the luggage. From Denarau, you can book a short boat ride to Bounty Island itself and spend the whole day enjoying the underwater world. There are plenty of species of colorful tropical fish and even some cool corals! Turtles also live on Bounty Island and newly hatched baby turtles can be found in abundance—they have a very successful turtle program on the island. Pro tip: best snorkeling is done in high tide, so make sure to plan in advance!

Pic Credit: Flickr


The beach can be enjoyed in different ways, not only by lying on it or snorkeling its waters. So, make sure to grab some hiking shoes and take a nice walk around the island. Don’t worry, you won’t waste the entire day trekking! As mentioned, you can circumnavigate the whole island in only half an hour (it’s only a 1.6-kilometer walk all around!) The walk itself is super relaxing and very romantic, especially if you hit it in the evening when the temperatures are pleasant and the sunset is breathtaking. Remember to bring your camera and take a few photos for your Instagram!


Just getting to Bounty Island is fun in itself. You can take a fast boat if you’re short on time, but it’s much more fun to sail to the island. Sailing is quite a bit slower, but also more relaxing and quiet. Once you approach the island, you’ll get to see it in all its glory: the sea will glisten and the beaches will shine all golden in the sun! Other activities you can try are kayaking, fishing and scuba diving. SUPing, or stand up paddleboarding, is also super fun and a great way to enjoy the island, the beach and the sea.

So, if you ever get the chance to cruise to Fiji, don’t miss a chance to spend a day on Bounty Island. You’ll have an amazing time relaxing in the sand, basking in the sun and exploring the underwater world of dreamy Fiji!


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