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Alaska has been on your travel bucket list for awhile now, you just couldn’t decide on the right travel itinerary. Hiking, flying or riding these are all great ways to explore this amazing landscape. However cruising in Alaska is an unforgettable experience that you really shouldn’t miss on. Alaskan cruisers get to enjoy all aspects of what this state has to offer, from its rich and diverse history and culture to stunning wildlife and intact nature.

In case this is your first time going on an Alaskan cruise here are some useful tips for making the most out of your Alaskan adventure.


When you are considering visiting such a unique destination like Alaska, time of the year makes a lot of difference as to what you will be able to do or see there. The official Alaskan cruise season runs from late April to September, with high season typically June through August. However, there is no one unique time that can be considered the best. Although June, July and August are the warmest months you can still expect a lot of rainfall. Plan accordingly. In addition, these three months offer most chances of seeing wildlife during your cruises. On the other hand, May and September are the months during which you can get the best prices for your chosen cruises.

Now that you have settled on the months it is time to choose the best possible cruise tour.


If you prefer a bit more intimate trip you can browse Alaska small ship cruises that include a visit to Glacier Bay National park. Considering there are less people on board, your trip will be calmer and you can truly enjoy this marvel. This location is considered a highlight of most Alaskan cruises. You’ll get to spend time with park rangers who will be there to provide a narrative regarding the natural beauty and history of this amazing place. The sights are truly breathtaking, and you’ll get to experience the undisturbed beauty of Alaska.


If you want to experience a unique cultural melting pot, opt for a cruise that includes Sitka, Alaska. This town is a unique blend of native and Russian culture so you can see a lot of Alaska’s Russian and Tlingit heritage. From the stunning St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Russian Bishop’s House to the clan house and totem-filled park. Another attraction you should definitely dedicate your attention to is the Alaska Raptor Center, a not-for-profit facility dedicated to healing injured birds of prey, with special attention paid to American eagles.


Rainforests in Alaska? You definitely don’t want to miss out on such a grand experience. And visiting port Ketchikan is a unique, once in a lifetime experience. You can say you have ziplined over Alaskan rainforests and glide down a lake on a Native American style canoe. There is a lot of native American heritage here that you can discover and learn about. Pay a visit to Tongass Historical Museum and step into the past where you can discover what it was like when this was a fishing port and a mining community.


An expedition cruise is just the thing if you want to experience Alaska up close and personal. The benefit of choosing an expedition ship is the fact that it is smaller and can venture into  areas that most  larger cruise ships can’t even come near so it actually takes you closer to the Alaskan wildlife action and scenery. Don’t expect a lot of entertainment onboard, but an expedition cruise isn’t really about spending a lot of time on the ship, it has more to do with exploring the surroundings via small boats that many expedition cruises may have and that can take passengers even further into the unexplored Alaskan wilderness.

Alaska is a unique blend of culture, untouched nature and vivid wildlife, and cruising through all that is a memorable experience that will enrich your mind and feed your soul. So pack your bags, get on the next ship and start making memories that will last you a lifetime.